Chopped Chicken Livers

>> Friday, March 13, 2009

Passover is around the corner. In this holiday we have special food and special salads.
One of my family's favorite appetizer is Chopped Chicken Livers, it is usually served in the Passover Seder dinner.
It is great on Matzo.

Chopped Chicken Livers

1 big chopped onion
1 lb. chicken livers
3 hard cooked egg peeled
2 tablespoon mayonnaise
1 tablespoon mustard
salt and paper

In a large fry pan saute the onion in oil until golden and set aside.
add more oil to the pan and cook the livers for 5 minutes each side, until pink, don't overcook.
Let cool.

In the food processed combine the onion the chopped livers the eggs the mayonnaise mustard and salt and paper in few pulse until smooth and creamy.

Transfer to serving plate, cover and refrigerate for 4 hours before serving.

chopped chicken livers


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RFC May 2, 2009 at 11:21 AM  

Does mayonaise work just as well as schmatz for chopped chicken liver?

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